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Dragon Guild
Japanflag.png ドラゴンギルド
Destiny, Dragon Armored's Enlightenment artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Doragon Girudo
Released In: DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!
Civilization(s): Light / Water / Darkness / Fire / Nature
Race Category: Dragon
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Category: Dragon Guild

Dragon Guild is a race of Dragon creature shared between each of the monocolored civilizations.


The race was introduced in DMRP-01 among the 5 other mono-civilization races, as well as the Jokers race.


They each feature りゅうそうしゃ or りゅうそうしゃ in their card names. However, they are both read as "Ryūsōsha". The latter pattern is only for Beat Jockey tank creatures.

Each creature's name is based on a previously released Dragon creature. Examples include:

DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!

DMRP-02 All So Truly B・A・D Labyrinth!!

DMRP-03 Feeling Joejoe Meraventure!!

DMRP-04裁 The Rise of Master Dragon!! ~Judgment for Justice~

DMRP-04魔 The Rise of Master Dolszak!! ~Demon Phoenix of Moonless Night~

DMRP-05 Gokai!! Joragon Go Fight!!

DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!!

DMRP-07 Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!!

DMRP-08 The Showdown! Baraghiara!! Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞

DMEX-04 Dreams Come True!! Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!!


In the background story, the Dragon Guild is a group of creatures longing for the legend of Dragon, formed by those who wore the fossils of the dragon, that exist individually in the five civilizations.


"Dragon" is included in the name of the race, so they are affected by support from cards that support Dragons.


Dragon Guild don't feature any support cards or evolution creatures.

See also: Support for Dragon creatures




  • It is the second Dragon race (as Dragonoid doesn't receive Dragon support) to have "Dragon" at the start of the race name, after Zombie Dragon, which are pronounced "Dragon Zombie" in the OCG.