Japanflag ドラゴン
Phonetic: Doragon
Civilization(s): All civilizations.
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Category: Dragon

Dragon refers to a Race Category of creatures from each of the civilizations.


These creatures are known for their sheer power and amazing abilities, albeit at a high Mana Cost.

Originally, Dragons existed only for the Fire Civilization under the Armored Dragon race, but over time many other races of dragons have been introduced in the other civilizations.

The Fire Bird race features creatures such as the Lupia name category of creatures that give effects and protects dragon creatures. The Aini name category of Fire Bird creatures also support the Double Cross category, commonly associated with Dragons.

This later led to other Dragon races that were part-Command.

In the Duel Masters block, due to the fallout caused by the conflict between Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon and Final Dogiragolden, all dragons were wiped out. However, the Dragon Guild wears parts of the lost Dragon's bones and are counted as Dragons themselves. Additionally, the Light Civilization is reviving a Dragon for their own purposes, with the purpose being unknown.

List of Dragon races

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Civilization: Dragon Race:
LightLight Apollonia Dragon / Angel Dragon
WaterWater Poseidia Dragon / Crystal Dragon
DarknessDarkness Zombie Dragon / Demon Dragon
FireFire Armored Dragon / Volcano Dragon / Mega Dragon
NatureNature Earth Dragon / Jurassic Dragon
All Monocolored Civilizations World Dragon

Duel Masters (DMRP Block)


  • For a full list of cards that support Dragons, see here.


It should also be noted that while they feature "Dragon" in the name of their race in the English version of the game, Dragonoids are not considered to be a race of Dragon because their Japanese name doesn't have "ドラゴン" in it. A Tyranno Drake is also not a dragon despite the similarities as well.


  • Holy Dragon and Cyber Dragon are races exclusive to Video Game only cards.
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