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Dragheart Creature
(Doraguhāto Kurīchā)
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Dragheart Creature is a Dragheart creature card type.


It was introduced in DMR-13 Dragsolution Gaiginga.

A Dragheart Creature is put in the Hyperspatial Zone which is next to your graveyard at the start of the game. You can have only have 8 cards in your hyperspatial zone and they are counted separately from your main deck of 40 cards. At anytime during a duel you are allowed to look at your opponent's hyperspatial zone.

Each creature with the Draguner race has an ability that puts an Dragheart from your hyperspatial zone into the battle zone.

  • The cost of the Dragheart they can put into the battle zone is determined by their cost and is triggered from their Mana Arms ability word.

A Dragheart Creature card is a Double Sided Card, featuring the Dragheart Weapon or Dragheart Fortress on the lower costing side, and a Dragheart Creature on the higher costing side. When the cheaper side activates its "Dragsolution" ability by fulfilling its conditions, you may flip the card over to its Dragheart Creature side.

  • 3D Dragsolution cards also exist that have 3 card side, that go from Dragheart Weapon > Dragheart Fortress > Dragheart Creature.

Currently, each Dragheart Creature card has a Command Dragon race from the DS.png Dragon Saga block.


(These cards are an example of Dragheart Creature cards from DMR-13 Dragsolution Gaiginga.)


Most Dragheart Creatures that cost 7 or more tend to deviate from regular creature naming traditions.

Otherwise, they follow the non-draguner race nomenclature.

List of Dragheart Creatures



Cards supported by Draguners

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Fiddich, Explosive Master ■ Each of your dragheart creatures and Draguners in the battle zone gets +3000 power.

Anti-Dragheart Creature Cards

Anti-Dragheart Creature Cards

Card: Card Effect:
Zorro Star, Karma Archbishop ■ Neither player can put a creature from their Hyperspatial Zone or Super Gacharange Zone into the battle zone.


See also: Dragheart Creature rulings
  • Q: What is a Dragheart Weapon?
    • A: A creature will put a Dragheart Weapon from the hyperspatial zone into the battle zone and equip it. This will give an ability to the equipped creature.
  • Q: Can I have a Dragheart Weapon without a creature equipped to it?
    • A: You can't. When a creature equipped with a Dragheart Weapon would leave the battle zone, the weapon is returned to the hyperspatial zone.
  • Q: There is a Dragheart Weapon in the battle zone. Can I equip it to another creature?
    • A: No, you can't.
  • Q: How do I get a Dragheart into the battle zone?
  • Q: When the Dragheart leaves the battle zone, what happens?
    • A: It is returned to the owner's hyperspatial zone. It can not go to any zone other than the battle zone of the hyperspatial zone. For example, if it was to put into your hand, put it in your hyperspatial zone.
  • Q: When you put a Dragheart in the battle zone, can it be on the creature side? Or just the weapon side?
    • A: You can put a Dragheart into the battle zone on either side, as long as the card that puts it out matches the appropriate cost of that side.
  • Q: When you put a Dragheart Creature into the battle zone, can you attack immediately with it?
  • Q: How can Dragheart weapons be flipped to their creature side?
    • A: By the ability called "Dragsolution" once the conditions are met. Dragheart Creatures are untapped once separated from the creature they were equipped to.
  • Q: When is the "Dragsolution" ability of Dragheart Creatures activated?
    • A: When the card is flipped to its creature side.
  • Q: Can you put Draghearts into the battle zone with creatures that can put Psychic Creatures into the battle zone from your hyperspational zone?
    • A: No, you can't since they are different card types.
  • Q: When a Dragheart Weapon is flipped to its creature side by its "Dragsolution", does it count as it was put into the battle zone?
    • A: No it doesn't, it is treated as it already was in the battle zone.
  • Q: When a weapon was flipped over by "Dragsolution", can it attack immediately?
    • A: It can as long as it was in the battle zone since the start of the turn. You couldn't if the creature was only flipped over that turn by "Dragsolution" as it would have summoning sickness .
  • Q: Are creatures equipped with Dragheart Weapons treated differently to creatures crossed with Cross Gear and/or are they treated as one entirety?
    • A: No, a Dragheart Weapon is treated as a separate object from the creature - although it can't stay in the battle zone on its own - so it will be treated substantially in the same way as a Cross Gear.
    • 1. If you evolve a creature equipped with a Dragheart Weapon, that evolution creature will be equipped with that Dragheart Weapon.
    • 2. A Draguner doesn't get the name of the equipped Dragheart Weapon.
    • 3. If a monocolored creature is equipped with a Dragheart Weapon that has different civilizations to the creature it's equipped with has, the creature isn't treated as a multicolored creature.
    • 4. If a Dragheart Weapon equipped to a Draguner leaves the battle zone directly with Lance of Tonginus, the leaving of that Dragheart Weapon will be counted towards the awakening of Dias Zeta, the Temporal Suppressor.