Dracken Assault, Bursting Revolution
爆ぜるかくめい ドラッケンAアサルト
Japanflag.png Kana: アサルト (Assault)
Civilization: FireFire.png
Card Type: Evolution Creature Evolution icon.png
Mana Cost:  7
Races: Mega Command Dragon / Revolutionary
English Text: Evolution—Put on one of your fire creatures.

Triple breaker

■ While battling, this creature can't be destroyed.

Revolution 2—When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have 2 shields or less, destroy all your opponent's creatures that have power 13000 or less.

Japanese Text: ■ 進化―自分の火のクリーチャー1体の上に置く。

■ T・ブレイカー

■ バトル中、このクリーチャーは破壊されない。


Power:  13000
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Yuukoo009
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