Dr. Root
Dr.ドクター ルート
Dr. Root.jpg
Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png FireFire.png
Voice Actor Derek Stephen Prince
(Season 2 and 3)
Kan Tanaka
Signature Card(s) Gigaberos, Geki and Metsu

Dr. Root Westhandler is a character who first featured in Season 1 of the Duel Masters Anime.

His first name is Leroy.


Season 1

He is George's boss as well as a mad scientist and expert duelist. He has also designed a human-resembling robot named Mr. Perfect and a giant pilot-able robot. His eccentric methods always have some hidden lesson to help Shobu and his friends.

Duel Masters Charge

In this season Dr. Root made Robo HakuohRobo GeorgeRobo Mimi and Robo Shobu to train each of the correspondent characters to make them stronger in dueling.

Duel Masters Zero: Episode Listing

In Duel Masters Zero, he takes charge of training Shobu and his friends.

Duel Masters Versus

In episode 49, he was currently in America and had found a way to cure Lucifer from Gyou's poison, with Lucifer going to visit him.

A part of his head is also covered with a purple patch.


Sacred Lands

He has a deck of Survivors in Duel Masters Season 1: Episode Listing|Season 1 and in Duel Masters Charge he has a Darkness/Water deck similar to Boy George's.

Duel Masters: Volume 8 Chapter 2

He won against Shobu using these cards.


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