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Dormageddon X
ドルマゲドンX (Dormageddon X)
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Dormageddon X is a variation of the Darkness Fire Deadzone deck type.


It is similar to a Darkness Fire Deadzone deck, but is focused on unsealing Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon as a finisher.

Unlike a regular Darkness Fire Deadzone, it uses Shield Trigger Commands for defense and has chargers for mana acceleration, aiming to remove all of Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon's seals as fast as possible, making defense and stalling extremely hard. Usually it's time to surrender if the opponent has shields or a Ninja Strike capable Hanzou, Menacing Phantom in his hand and 1 seal left. It is also packed with creature removal so enemy creatures might not survive more than a turn when they are put into the battle zone.

Due to Dorhakaba, Final Forbidden Delta being able to invade into Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie from grave, it is also highly resistant to discards and destruction triggers. The Shield Trigger commands, while having low removal ranges by themselves can also be given slayer due to the Dormageddon Seals, greatly increasing their removal range.

Later on Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon and Black Psycho, Revenge were restricted which resulted the deck to shift to a control-like feel, with Tigernitro, Explosive Devil being able to deal with hand dependent decks by itself. Due to the 5 speed attacker command limit (4 Dorhakaba, Final Forbidden Deltas and 1 Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon) speed of this deck has decreased and thus it is easier to rush down by quicker decks. Additionally, while the deck itself packs huge amounts of removal that prevents creatures from staying long, it is very vulnerable to triggers and other defense methods.

In the Twinpact Series, Mad Demon Excellency / Demon Hand and Blackout, ZERO Invasion provides much needed defense against the ever-increasing amounts of Gogogo Brand rushes, De Szarks and Revolution Change rushes or beatdowns, springing it right back to the top of the charts.

Main cards

Recommended cards: Reason
FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~
Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon
Main finisher, once unsealed it makes the opponent's creatures irrecoverable.
Dorbro, Final Forbidden Gamma Shield trigger defense.
Dorhakaba, Final Forbidden Delta Can summon itself from the graveyard to unseal Dormageddon, strong Invasion bait.
Evil Heat, Screaming Demon Dragon Hall of Fame Command, graveyard recovery, Invasion bait.
Blackout, ZERO Invasion Can be spammed via ZERO, acts as Invasion bait.
Hanzou, Menacing Phantom Ninja Strike power reduction.
Kizamu, Forbidden V Shield trigger weenie removal.
Mega Magma Dragon Weenie mass removal.
Bone Dance Charger
Reload Charger
Aid progression.
Black Psycho, Revenge Hall of Fame Darkness Command Invasion, discards 2 cards at random, can be summoned normally to unseal Dormageddon.
Deadzone, S-Rank Zombie Invades from the graveyard, gives -9000 power to an opponent's creature, can be summoned normally to unseal Dormageddon.
Redzone X, Forbidden Lightning Sonic Invades from the graveyard, seals an opponent's creature, can be summoned normally to unseal Dormageddon.
Mad Demon Excellency / Demon Hand Graveyard Recovery + Shield Trigger removal spell.
Tigernitro, Explosive Devil Mana Arms 5 mass discard, but cannot attack until Dormageddon is unsealed.
Falconer, Lightfang Ninja Stops meager one shots from making the player lose.

Other candidates

Recommended cards: Reason
Modos, Forbidden V Revive weenies.
Guerrilla Launcher, Roaring Beast X Second Blackout, although since Dokindam Gacha isn't allowed in official tournaments it might not be of much use.
The Mach, Lightning Sonic Search for evolution creatures, Invasion bait.
Gallows, Revenge Can be summoned earlier if you have an evolution creature in your hand.
Kill the Borof, Rebellion of K Recycle previous cheap Commands via Revolution Change to remove more seals. Due to its hefty cost, it can rarely be used to remove seals by a normal summon.
Mega Manalock Dragon Hall of Fame mana freeze.
Batocross Battle, Passion Dragon Shield trigger force battle.
Scale of Bravery and Love
Dorta, Final Forbidden Alpha
Graveyard supply and card draw.

Template Build


Template Dormageddon X, as of 2018.

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