• While this card is intended to allow Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon get around Final Dogiragolden's Final Final Revolution, it cannot do so by itself since Dormageddon X is no longer a field.
    • In the manga version, the officials made a mistake where it would power up Dormageddon X by itself without a field in the battle zone. However, in the anime this is noticed so there's an Overkill Graveyard in Basara's field before the card was sent out.
  • This card features the Forbidden Characters of PAKA (paka) in its card artwork. It is possibly an onomatopoeic sound for its mouth opening.
  • This creatures name is a combination of Dormageddon (ドル) and Drain (ドレイン), the ability of absorbing power.
Dordrain, Final Forbidden Beta
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