道明寺 ゴンザブロー
Civilization(s) NatureNature
Affiliation Rare Killers
Voice Actors 石原凡
Signature Card(s) Yaw Sark, D2Y

Domyoji-Gonzaburo is the 4th member of the Rare Killers dispatched to deal with the Revolutionaries.



He used to be a superstar when he was young, winning in singing competitions and have a best selling album. Even Katta and Leo heard of him before. However, all of his fame were snagged by Leo.

Despite his old appearance, he is actually around the same age as Katta.

Duel Masters Versus Revolution Final

He was dispatched by Number 2 to deal with the Revolutionary team. When Katta was in a bar, Leo entered with him and along with him was Domyoji-Gonzaburo.

He then challenges Leo into a stadium and the two duel. Number 2 supported him in the backstages of the stadium with equipment.

He sends out Zundoko Sunny Stage, Flowery Way of D during the duel and used it to send out Yaw Sark, D2Y. Then, he sends out a swarm of Kitasa Kampa Y, Snow Faerie to power it up until it had 31000 power, gave it Speed Attacker with Dash Charger and broke 6 of Leo's shields. However, out of them was a Koltiolu, Scale Dragon Elemental and it stopped the rest of his creatures. Then Leo sent out Puchohenza, Mia Moja via Wekapipo, Tatu and sent all of his creatures other than Yaw Sawk into the mana zone, and destroyed Yaw Sawk in a battle as it was reduced into the power of a 1000 power creature. Then he send out Torikera X, Revolution Rushkind to deal the final attack and Gonzaburo was defeated. Then After his defeat Rokuro gave him a flower and some encouragement.

After Basara's release from possession under the hands of Katta, he along with Utsubomi Kazura became idols.



Episode number Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 11 Leo Hyakujuu Loss Duel Festival ZOI
Episode 15 Leo Hyakujuu VS Katta Kirifuda VS Rokuro 4th place (Lost to Katta) Duel Festival ZOI
Episode 24 Leo Hyakujuu Loss Unknown

He uses a Nature Civilization deck based on Initials which he calls "Duel Festival ZOI".

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