Japanflag ドルスザク
Phonetic: Dorusuzaku
Released In: DMSD-06 Dolszak Moonless Explosion Start Deck
Civilization(s): Darkness
Japanese Wiki: 10177
Category for Dolszak.

Dolszak is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


It is exclusive to 卍 De Rupansa 卍 / Pantera, Strong Gedor 卍 and Meravolgal, Misfortune Demon Bangou.

There is also 卍 Gi Lugirin 卍 / Bangoku Brain in the Water Civilization.

With Gekabankai Ga Ryumizu 卍, it has also appeared as a subtype on a spell, as well as being the first card to support the race.


It differs from Master Dolszak, as the cards don't have the Master Rare rarity.


Support Card: Card Effect:
Gekabankai Ga Ryumizu 卍 ■ You may summon up to 4 Dolszaks from your hand or graveyard for no cost.


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