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Japanflag.png ドルスザク
Phonetic: Dorusuzaku
Released In: DMSD-06 Dolszak Moonless Explosion Start Deck
Civilization(s): Darkness
DM-Wiki: Article
Category: Dolszak

Dolszak is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


It is exclusive to 卍 De Rupansa 卍 / Pantera, Strong Gedor 卍 and Meravolgal, Misfortune Demon Bangou.

There is also 卍 Gi Lugirin 卍 / Bangoku Brain in the Water Civilization.

With Gekabankai Ga Ryumizu 卍, it has also appeared as a subtype on a spell, as well as being the first card to support the race.


It differs from Master Dolszak, as the cards don't have the Master Card rarity.

Race Category

Other Dolszak races include;



Cards that support Dolszaks

Support Card: Card Effect:
Ban Night Carnival ■ You may look at your deck, your hand, or your graveyard. You may choose one of your Dolszak creatures and up to 4 Magic Tools. If you do, put that Dolszak into the battle zone on top of those Magic Tools. If you looked at your deck in this way, shuffle it.
Gekabankai Ga Ryumizu 卍 ■ You may summon up to 4 Dolszaks from your hand or graveyard for no cost.
卍 Grand Zero 卍 ■ Ignore any effects that prevent you from casting Magic Tool or Dolszak spells.


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