• If you somehow not lose the game when this creature is anywhere other than in the battle zone and it is returned to your hand or in anywhere where you can summon creatures from, You cannot summon the Sealed X side of this card. However, you can summon the Dokindam X side for 99 mana.
    • If it somehow returns to the battle zone via an effect, you cannot seal the opponent's creatures again. The effect only activates when Dokindam X is Forbidden Liberated, which is impossible after performing once.
  • As Dokindam X is considered controlled by the player from the start, if it somehow loses all of its seals from turn 1 it can attack instantly. Therefore, if the player casts Cosmic Darts and your opponent chooses All Delete and he has a Sealed X in the battle zone, he can kill the opponent instantly.
  • If both players have a Forbidden ~The Sealed X~ in the battle zone and both Forbidden Liberate at the same time, the active player's Dokindam X will Forbidden Liberate first, then your opponent's Dokindam X Forbidden Liberates, resulting in the player's Dokindam X sealed and the opponent's unscathed.
  • If an effect kills both player's Dokindam X at the same time, such as by sending out Destolonely, Demon Dragon King, the active player (Or more bluntly, the owner of the card with the effect) loses the game.
  • If you were somehow prevented from losing and dokindam X is in your mana zone, it generates 0 mana and can be used for fire credit.
  • The Metal Plate versions of this card can be used in tournaments.

Dokindam X, The Legendary Forbidden
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