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Dokindam Apocalypse
Civilizations: DarknessDarkness.png / FireFire.png
Card Type: Forbidden Creature
Mana Cost: 9
English Text:

(This creature is put into your mana zone tapped.)

​■ Double breaker

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, put a seal on each creature.

(When you seal a card, put the top card of your deck on that card face down. Whenever a Command is put into the battle zone, its owner puts a seal from one of their cards that has the same civilization as that Command into their graveyard. While a creature is sealed, both players ignore that creature.)

Japanese Text:

■ マナゾーンに置く時、このカードはタップして置く。

​■ Wダブル・ブレイカー

■ このクリーチャーがバトルゾーンに出た時、クリーチャーすべてに封印を1つ付ける。


Power: 9999
Mana: 1
Illustrator: Yuukoo009
Other Card Information: