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Dispectors are a combination of powerful creatures from the past! The power of the trump card-class creatures will combine to become the strongest, greatest and worst enemies of all time, and stand in front of Momoking!
— flavor text of Meteorsa-1, Sacred Mountain
Japanflag.png ディスペクター
Romanogri-La the 0th, Zero Prison Connected King 20th artwork.jpg
Phonetic: Disupekutā
Released In: DMSD-18 King Master Start Deck: Jendle's Dispector
Civilization(s): Light Light.png
Darkness Darkness.png
Fire Fire.png
Nature Nature.png
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Dispector is a race shared between each of the five civilizations.


Creatures within this race are based on a combination of formerly-released creatures throughout the games' previous 20-year history up to 2021.

Unlike the RexStars released in the same The Rise of Kings block, Dispectors are creatures created from forcibly combining two creatures with each other, usually creatures that oppose in beliefs or even two completely unrelated existences. They disrespect the proud existences that form them, and must be defeated to rescue the creatures infused with each other. They attacked the Duel Masters world after the defeat of End Jaouga, Oniga Emperor Devil and unleash an unprecedented catastrophe, forcing the resident creatures to form RexStars, creatures that had legitimately entered a pact with former creatures, to oppose them.

In the anime series of Duel Masters King!, they are used by Jendle, the main antagonist and his group of "Gattles".


They have a unique keyword, EX Life.

EX Life (As you put this creature, shieldify the top card of your deck. When this creature would leave, put that shield into your graveyard instead.)

They have a Support Race known as Distas, with this race featuring the Dispector-specific Cost Reduction keyword; Sasagale.

Sasagale # (When you summon a Dispector, you may reduce its cost by #. If you do, destroy this creature. That Dispector can't cost less than 0.)

Many are part of a 3-civilization multicolored combination.

Currently the race only occurs on creatures that have a cost of 6 or more.


Depending on the 3 civilization combination they belong to, they each feature different Kanji in their name, relating to how the creatures are combined with each other.

Civilizations: Kanji / Translation: King: Combination Method:
Light Water Fire
こんせい (Konsei)
Dokindante Twenty Two, Forbidden Time Hybrid King Mosaic joints.
Light Darkness Fire
れんけつ (Renketsu)
Dorphadillom, Holy Demon Concatenated King Zippered.
Light Darkness Nature
せつぞく (Setsuzoku)
Romanogri-La the 0th, Zero Prison Connected King Bolts and screws.
Water Darkness Nature
ほうごう (Hōgou)
The=Deadluna, Evil Emperor Sutured King (formerly) Notes
Mikadoleo, Doomsday Sutured King
Sewn together.
Water Fire Nature
でんゆう (Denyū)
Gyukautsu Maguru, Victory Disaster Electrofused King (formerly) Notes
Vol-Val-8, Forbidden Dragon King
Joint parts are electrified.

Like the majority of other creatures in the The Rise of Kings block, they are named after previously released creatures.



Dispector are supported by the Sasagale keyword exclusively found on creatures that have the Distas race.

Cards supported by Dispectors

Support Card: Card Effect:
N Extreme, Electrofused Dragon World ■ When you put this creature, untap all Dispectors and Distas in your mana zone.
Starbu-2, Hero Mech ■ When you use this creature's "Sasagale" ability, the Dispector with its cost reduced gets "Speed Attacker" and "Mach Fighter" until the end of the turn.
ZERO and STRIKE, Secret Zero Prison King ■ Choose one of the following.
► Choose one of your Distas or Dispectors. Put any number of creatures that have the same name from your hand, mana zone or graveyard.


Cards supported by Dispectors

Supported Card: Card Effect:
Ambivalence Link, Secret Concatenated Attack Chance: Darkness Dispector
Disdawn ■ This creature can't attack if you don't have a Dispector in the battle zone.
Dominion Spike, Secret Connected Attack Chance: Nature Dispector
Dualstack, Secret Hybrid Attack Chance: Light Dispector
End Of Land, Secret Forbidden Time King Attack Chance: Light, Water and Fire Dispector
Eternal Premiums, Secret Forbidden Dragon Attack Chance: Water, Fire and Nature Dispector
Greed Solenoid, Secret Electrofused Attack Chance: Fire Dispector
Lost Paradise Waltz, Secret Holy Demon King Attack Chance: Light, Darkness and Fire Dispector
Malice Stitch, Secret Sutured Attack Chance: Water Dispector
Original Finale, Secret Doomsday King Attack Chance: Water, Darkness and Nature Dispector
ZERO and STRIKE, Secret Zero Prison King Attack Chance: Light, Darkness and Nature dispector




  • The higher cost creatures supported by a low cost Support Race is similar to Unknown and Unnoise.
  • They are similar in nature to Chimeras, although instead of separate animal parts, they are created from two past creatures.