• Q: I have no shields, one of my opponent's creatures attacked me and I didn't block. I have a Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility in the battle one. What happens?
    • A: Normally your opponent will win, but Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility's Substitution Effect that Prevents Defeat triggers and destroys Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility instead. Its 4th ability Prevents Defeat and prevents your opponent from winning. If your opponent attacks you with other creatures during that turn, you won't lose and your opponent won't win. However, any abilities that would normally trigger still occurs.
  • Q: There are no cards in my deck when Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility's ability is triggered. What happens?
    • A: Because you lose by deck out, Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility's "When you would lose the game, or your opponent would win the game, destroy this creature instead." is activated. This in turn activates "When this creature is destroyed, this turn, you can't lose the game and your opponent can't win.", but before that ability can be triggered, you still have no cards in your deck. You lose the game.
Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility
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