Devil Mask
Japanflag デビルマスク
Phonetic: Debiru Masuku
Released In: DM-06
Civilization(s): Darkness
Japanese Wiki: 2304
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Devil Mask is a race of creature in the Darkness Civilization.


Devil Masks are a species made from the skulls of creatures that sought life after death. All bone and no flesh, these skulls have been regenerated with a magical poison gas. Devil Masks come in all shapes and sizes. Some have arms and legs, some are reborn from dragon-like creatures, all are made of bone.

Devil Masks view flesh and blood as the ultimate in excess. They feel superior to those who still possess it and believe killing them is an act of mercy. Their arsenal includes sharp teeth, "Psycho-Wave attack" and the "Stare of Darkness."


The weakest Devil Masks are Grinning Axe, the Monstrosity, Spinning Terror, the Wretched, Roachin, the Strange Stinker and Born Killer, Masked Mecha only having 1000 power. The strongest Devil Mask is the Ultimate Evolution creature Hellgate Moon, the Enlightened with 13000 power. There is also a Devil Masks evolution creature, Evil Incarnate, having 11000 power. The strongest non-evolution Devil Mask is Bone Waller, the Sturdy Barricade with 9000 power and the blocker ability, being unable to attack or survive a battle.


Evolution Creature: Evolves From:
Evil Incarnate 1x Devil Mask


Evil Incarnate

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