Detroit Techno
Detroit Techno
Civilization(s) Zero Zero
Voice Actor 大川透
Toru Ohkawa

Detroit Techno is a character that appears in the Duel Masters Victory V3 season.

His real identity is Detroit Techno, Sacred Demon.


In the anime his debut is in episode 31. He and Brahmin were two high priests in the Oracle cult that had been sealed away by Yomi. Once he gets his hand on Bolmeteus Sapphire Dragon, he reincarnates the card into Progre Sapphire, Divine Blue Brightness. In his duel against Dragon Ryu, the new incarnation of Sapphire was summoned easily with the help of Prelude of Horror and then it got rid of Ryu's shields without giving him card advantage. Combined with Inka, Karma's Curse Crest, shield triggers were also disabled. 

In the 32nd episode, he appeared on a prison island where he had creatures possess the prisoners and had them all fight each other. When Katta Kirifuda defeated him and was about to give him the final blow, Detroit Techno escaped flying on Progre Sapphire's back.

Although he was a member of the Oracle cult, Puramai Rei did not recognize him, thus inducing the possibility that his presence inside it is even older. 

In the 38th episode, Detroit Techno and Brahmin were sent to Antarctica to look for the 'greatest treasure of the Oracles'. In the 41th episode, Dragon Ryu pursued Izumo to Antarctica and challenged Detroit Techno for a rematch. Izumo lent him Mystery Cube, along with Electraglide and Metamorphose to aid his deck. Ultimately he was defeated by Dragon Ryu and ended up petrified. They all abandoned him there, Brahmin saying he was a 'useless fool'. Zorro Star and Yomi reappeared in the latest set, so a return of Detroit Techno is not excluded.


In the manga, he was dispatched by Izumo to find the Rage Crystal. He used a deck with Darkness and Zero cards, using himself to evolve into Rave Diabolos, Holy Damned Festival. Even if he won and destroyed Katsumaster, his master Izumo was later defeated by Katsumugen.


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  • His voice actor also played Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist.

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