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Destruction Replacement effect
破壊置換効果 (Hakai Chikan Kōka)
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Destruction Replacement effect is a Substitution Effect that replaces the event of cards being destroyed.


It can exist in different forms between the civilizations.

3 Aqua Soldier
WaterWater.png / Creature
Liquid People

■ When this creature would be destroyed, return it to your hand instead.

2 Shaman Broccoli
Nature Nature.png / Creature
Wild Veggies

■ When this creature would be destroyed, put it into your mana zone instead.

Instead of being put into the graveyard when they would be destroyed, the are put into another zone (such as your hand or mana zone).

  • It isn't treated as a Put Into Graveyard ability, as the event of being put into the graveyard doesn't occur.

Before April 8, 2022, non-creature card types that had races didn't trigger effects that occured when that race were put into the graveyard, as it wasn't considered to be "Destroy"ed. However, after this change, a card such as Code:Heaven being put into the graveyard will trigger the effect of Necrodragon Guljeneraid and a card such as Bolshack Kirino Dragon can use its "Saver:Dragon" ability to prevent Dragon World ~The Land Where Dragons Descend~ from being destroyed by Card Based Removal.


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