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退化 (Taika)
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Degenerate is a term for removing the top card of an evolution creature in the battle zone.


In the rules of Duel Masters, when the top card of an evolution creature is removed from the battle zone, the creatures underneath it remain. Utilizing this, powerful finisher creatures can be put into the battle zone in the early turns of a game.

Originally, it focused on using Royal Durian from the Nature Civilization. However, after a ruling change about "Cards" (i.e.: targeting them as removal) in January 2014, cards that specifically removed other cards in the battle zone such as Senju Splash or Shadowwave Cyclone began to form a Water Darkness Degeneration deck type.

Before January 2014, creatures that remained in the battle zone under the evolution creature still had summoning sickness if they were degenerated.

"Degenerate" is not an official term like others such as "Sprout" and "Explode" aren't, and isn't used in other trading card game slang like "Bounce". However, the term is sometimes used in official sources or the CoroCoro Comic to explain the decktype.

In an example article of CoroCoro Aniki Volume 5, the following Degenerate combo was introduced;

Other examples of these combos can include cards such as Death March, Reaper Puppeteer or Huckle Kirin Sawyer, Jungle Governor and Card Removal cards.

Some cards such as Pangaea's Will and Hero Mystery, Burning Galaxy can remove the top card of a card in the battle zone, but are usually just referred to as "removal" rather than "degenerate" cards.