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Decrease Power
パワー低下ていか (Pawā Teika)
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Decrease Power is a term given to cards that decrease the power of creatures in the battle zone.


A card that decrease a creature's power often have reminder text of game rules indicating that a creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.

(A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.)

Cards that have an ability with an effect that decreases power appear in the following ways;

5 Dark Sanji, Darkfang Ninja
Darkness Darkness.png / Creature

■ Ninja Strike 4

■ When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone. That creature gets -2000 power until the end of the turn. (A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.)

5 Funk, Guard of Hope
Darkness Darkness.png / Creature

■ Each of your opponent's psychic creatures in the battle zone gets -5000 power. (A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.)

■ Each of your opponent's non-psychic creatures in the battle zone gets -1000 power.

8 Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance
Darkness Darkness.png / Exile Creature Exile icon.png
Outrage MAX

■ Whenever this creature attacks, choose one of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone. That creature loses infinite power until the end of the turn. (A creature that has power 0 or less is destroyed.).

■ Double breaker

■ Ultra Doron Go: When this creature leaves the battle zone, you may put an exile creature that has "Dance" in its name from your hand into the battle zone.

■ You can't put other exile creatures that have "Dance" in their name into the battle zone.

It is an ability that appeared on cards in the Darkness Civilization after DM-14 Generate Gear. It can range from decreasing a creature's power by 1000 to 9000, or even infinite.)

In addition to destroying a creature by decreasing its power to 0, you can also use it to attack creatures and destroy them by battle.

It can also be used alongside Power Based Removal from the Fire Civilization.

There are 3 main types of abilities that decrease a creatures power;

  • Reducing the power of one of your opponent's creatures.
  • Reducing the power of all your opponent's creatures (usually with Decrease Power and Mass Removal categories)
  • Reducing the power of both players creatures in the battle zone (usually with Decrease Power, Mass Removal and Self Removal categories).

Many of the early cards with this ability such as Tragic Swamp could only choose or affect tapped creatures.

There are some cards that decrease differing amounts of power based on the situation such as Mystic Gastol, Dark Zekia, Reaper of Death or Balmantis Worm, Parasite of Death.

Some cards such as Ultimate Soldier Falgen have a disadvantage that reduces the own power and can be found in non-darkness cards.

Zabi Rigel, Dragon Bone Keel refers to it as "減らされる" (Reducing) whereas Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance refers to the ability as (失う) "Lose".


  • Destruction caused by a creature's power becoming 0 is based on the game rules, not the card itself. For example, Denden Percussion can't be destroyed by the ability of spells, but can be destroyed if its power was decreased to 0 by a spell such as Magic Shot - Dual Zanzibar.

Even if creatures that have the power decreased to 0 have a substitution effect that protects them from leaving the battle zone such as Infinity Dragon or Skull Moon, the Enlightened, they will be destroyed again immediately as they have 0 power. If costs are required to make it survive, it will eventually be destroyed.

If a creature with 0 power was to remain in the battle zone, treat that power as all 0's (even if it was a negative number). Therefore, when it is chosen by an ability that destroys based on total power, it will not calculate as a negative number.

  • However, if a creature that had -1000 power was to battle a creature that had -2000 power were to battle, the creature with -1000 would win the battle zone.

Even if a Psychic Creature awakens or releases, the decreased power stays. If Galaxy, Temporal Immortal had its power decreased by 6000 by Hanzou, Menacing Phantom causing it to awaken to its other side, the newly flipped King of Galaxy, Destruction Awakened would have 5500 power (11500-6000).

  • If it had enough power decrease that the awakened or release side had power 0 or less, it is immediately destroyed.

If a Dragheart Creature uses Dragon Evade, the power reduction effect disappears. This is because they are flipped into non-creature card types.

  • When a creature is affected by a card decreasing its power by X000 and, at the same time, by a card increasing its power by the same number, nothing happens.

If you control Rose Castle and your opponent controls Saint Castle, he can put into the Battle Zone any 1000-power creature and it will not be destroyed.

  • A creature that has Infinite power is unaffected by cards that decrease power. However, even a creature that has Infinite power is destroyed if they are decreased by a card that decreases by a negative infinite amount such as Death Metal Punk, Spear Dance.

When a linked God has a power of 0, since the power is shared, each part is destroyed.

List of cards that Decrease Power