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Deck Compression
山札圧縮 (Yamafuda Asshuku)
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Deck Compression is a term for reducing the number of cards in your deck by putting cards into your hand or mana zone


In many cases, this includes Draw Sources, Search cards, and Recruiting.

If necessary cards (such as Hall of Fame or combo parts) are decided in advance, it can be quicker to search them out directly from your deck with cards such as Crystal Memory.

On the other hand, deck compression is a strategy of removing unnecessary cards from a deck, with effects that draw increasing in quality.

Guard Grip and Rolling Snowman have abilities that exchange themselves for a single card, but as they take a space themselves, they provide no real benefit for deck compression purposes.

In addition, there are cards that are likely to decay from the deck (such as Faerie Life at the end of the game) with Dandy Nasuo, Romanov the 1st, Lord of the Demonic Eye and Mystic Treasure Chest that can be used to put specific cards into your mana zone or graveyard to prevent hand accidents. It can also increase the hit rate of cards that refer to the top of the deck as Unryu, Sumo Doctor and the Revolution 0 Trigger keyword.