速攻 (Sokkō, Haste)
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Rush decks are a beatdown deck type.


They are made with low-cost (1-3 cost range, with only a few 4-cost) cards.

They use creatures such as Deadly Fighter Braid Claw, Pyrofighter Magnus, or Death March, Reaper Puppeteer to break the opponent's shields as fast a possible, usually ending the game in 4 to 6 turns. This use of low-cost creatures comes mostly at the expense of power.

Most rush decks use only one or two civilizations; using more would cause problems with mana. Rush decks usually deplete their hand quickly, so if the rush is stopped somehow, the deck usually loses.

They are among one of the most effective and easy to make deck types, capable of overwhelming sophisticated deck structures in 3 or 4 turns if a strategy is not in place. They are also cheap to construct, as most of the cards featured in them save for Dual Shock Dragon and Duel Jacker Shou, the Hot-Blooded Commentator being cheap and easy to obtain cards.

A particularly effective card against a rush deck is Hell's Scrapper (and its descendant, Super Flaming Hell's Scrapper and it's creature variant, Sturm, Scrapper). Since its release, it has been used to counter rush decks, and even rush decks use it in duels against other rush decks.

Many of the decks are monocolored due to reduced mana issues.

List of Rush decks

Fire.png Mono-Fire rush

Water.png Mono-Water rush

  • Mono-Water Reef
  • Mono-Water Pacific
  • Mono-Water Cyber
  • Mono-Water Magic Command
  • Liquid People
  • Quasi-mono Water rush
  • Mono-Water Mutopia rush

Water.pngDarkness.png Water Darkness

Nature.png Mono-Nature rush

Light.pngFire.png Light Fire rush

  • Hunter rush

Water.pngFire.png Water Fire rush

Darkness.png Mono-Darkness rush

  • Quasi Mono-Darkness rush

Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness Fire rush

Fire.pngNature.png Fire Nature rush

Graveyard Evolution Rush

  • Light Darkness rush

Light.png Mono-Light rush

Construction Difficult

Water.png Mono-Water rush

  • Mono-Water Reef

Water.pngDarkness.png Water Darkness rush

  • Aquan Black rush
  • Water Darkness Graveyard Melge

Fire.png Mono-Fire rush

  • WF Brand

Nature.png Mono-Nature rush

  • Mayfly Gift

Graveyard Evolution Rush

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