Removal control
除去コントロール (Jokyo Kontorōru)
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Removal Control decks are a control deck type.


They intend to control the game with spell or creature abilities. Note that it does not necessarily remove creatures from the battle zone.

It mainly does this with cards that make your opponent discard, like Ghost Touch and Lost Soul, and cards that destroy your opponent's creatures, like Terror Pit and Apocalypse Vise. Of course, these decks tend to run quite a few blockers alongside its disruptive cards.

There are two main ways for removal control decks to win the game;

Water (for draw) and Darkness (for discard and removal) are the most commonly used civilizations for this decktype; however, Light, Fire, and Nature are all usable in removal control decks. In most cases, a removal control deck uses 3 to 4 civilizations; however, a removal control deck can be configured to use all 5 civilizations.

Removal control decks are usually rather susceptible against rush decks, because they usually can't react to a rush deck's attacks fast enough. However, with enough mana increase, blockers, shield triggers, and early removal, a removal control deck can outlast and beat a rush deck.

The discard strategies many removal control decks employ are weak against Madness decks and Ryusei Kaiser, the Eternal. The latter is especially dangerous as it can ruin the game if not dealt with properly. Removal control decks also find creatures that can't be removed easily, like Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality, difficult to handle.

As most of them are consist of 3 or more civilizations, they are extremely vulnerable to Mega Manalock Dragon as it will disable them quickly by locking their mana every turn.

List of Removal Control decks



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  • Mystic Blessing
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