Mana Burn
ランデス (Landes)
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Mana Burn is a control deck type.


They are based around removing cards from your opponent's mana zone with Mana Burn cards.

This leaves your opponent unable to cast high-cost spells or summon high-cost creatures. There are many ways of doing this:

Mana burn decks tend to be disadvantageous against beatdown decks, especially rush. Also, Terse Ruth, Lightboom Guardian and Snork La, Shrine Guardian make most mana burn effects ineffective if they are not removed quickly.

List of Mana Burn decks

  • WFN Mana Destruction
    • Bol Wizard Mana Destruction
    • Mana Destruction sapphire
    • Dragon Mana Destruction
    • Cyclica Mana Destruction
  • Black Mana Destruction
  • 5 colors Mana Destruction
  • Reality Maten
  • Ash Mana Destruction
  • Dolmarks Mana Destruction
  • Ryumaku Eruption
  • Backflow lock
  • Admiral Lock
  • Chirico Mana Destruction
  • Paloro Squall
  • Giovanni Squall
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