ループ (Rūpu)
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Loop is a combo deck type.


It uses Recovery cards to return cards from your graveyard or mana zone to re-use them multiple times.

As it's combo-based, it can take multiple turns to set up. However, if the loop can be started too early in the game (Giovanni Squall, Melge Loop One-Shot, Mono-Nature Loop), or too overly defensive (Marshall Loop, Heaven's Gate Loop), they tend to have cards enter the Hall of Fame.

They are a type of deck that repeats a certain process to win in a turn or two, usually ending up in their user's battlefield filled with creatures, all of the opponent's creatures removed and/or causing the opponent to Deck-out. Loops, while effective, are often targeted by the Hall of Fame as they degrade the game's playability. In tournaments that don't follow Hall of Fame regulations, one should expect lots of loop decks to be played with maximum efficiency.

List of Loop decks

Mono-Nature Loop

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