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ライブラリアウト (Raiburari Auto)
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A Deck-out (also known as an Library Out) is a slang term used to refer to defeat caused by having no cards in a players deck.


The act of causing deckout is called Mill, a slang term derived from the Magic: The Gathering card; Millstone. It is called Library-out in the Japanese metagame, as a deck is known as a Library in Magic: The Gathering.

A Deck-out is usually caused by the player drawing the last card in their deck, although it can be artificially induced by moving cards in their deck to other zones such as the graveyard. Unlike in Magic: The Gathering where the player only loses due to a deck-out when they have no cards in a deck and when they must draw a card, in Duel Masters the player loses instantly when they have no cards in their deck. Combined to the fact that the player only starts with 30 cards in their deck as 5 had been used as shields and the other 5 in their hand, Deck-outs are extremely easy to induce and are even more dangerous in Duel Masters then in most other card games. Due to this, Hall of Fame restrictions often target mill cards heavily and only a few of these had ever been printed.

List of common deck-out strategies

Pakurio Deckout Loop

Pakurio Deckout Loop

An example of a Pakurio Loop (Warning: Very long video.)


They are a Removal control deck type.

  • DF deckout
  • WDF deckout
  • LWDF deckout
    • Aquan removal
    • Guardian Removal
    • Gladiator Removal
  • Mystic Blessing
  • Yasaka Shark deckout
    • WDF Yasaka Shark deckout
    • Ribbidynanz Crawler Zalva deckout
  • Volg Thunder Deckout


  • Cards such as Oni "Champion", Victory Twelve and Valhalla Grande, Invincible Hero allow the game to be continued when one has no cards in their deck. As long as they are in the Battle Zone and the conditions are fulfilled, the player can continue the game with no cards in their deck and he/she obviously cannot draw any cards. However, if they leave the battle zone or when the conditions stopped fulfilling, the player loses instantly. Diehard Ryusei of Invincibility does not prevent deck-out related defeats, however.
  • Forever Princess, Eternal Ruler is a very powerful Anti-mill card when the mill deck in question puts cards into a graveyard. Whenever Forever Princess is put into a players graveyard it shuffles it's owner's graveyard back into the deck making the milling pointless. It doesn't however help when the mill deck in question uses the hand or shield zone as its milling point, or the mill card is Adamski, S-Rank Space, with the latter due to the double substitution effect.
  • There are cards that put a players own cards in his deck into that players graveyard, usually in order to use it as an advantage, such as reducing the cost of 5000GT, Riot or fulfilling the Gravity Zero requirements of Crossfire, Millionaire. This is known as a self mill. Despite it's usually done in order to create an advantage, overdoing it will cause a deck-out.
  • Shakogairu, Water Academy No. 9 is a unique card that it can replace deck-out related defeats by drawing the last card of a player's deck with a victory for the player. Its second effect of forcing them to draw 5 cards also helps inducing the alternate win. Therefore, loop decks had transferred their purposes from decking the opponent out to decking themselves out for an extra win.

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