5-color deck
5色デッキ (5-Shoku Dekki)
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5-color decks are a control deck type.


It uses cards from each of the 5 monocolored civilizations.

They use all 5 civilizations in their decks in varying amounts. Due to mana concerns that can arise from using multiple civilizations, multicolored cards, cards with the Shield Trigger Shield Trigger ability or even Shinobi creatures with Ninja Strike are commonly seen due to the easier casting or summoning conditions.

The deck type made its first real appearance with Faerie Miracle and Last Violence in DM-27 Perfect Heaven as they both supported the use of an all color deck.

They often commonly feature a lot of Mana Acceleration and Card Draw to protect themselves easier and boost towards their stronger cards. Due to this and the trickier mana concerns, they can have a weakness to the Rush deck type and their fast attacks.

While Zero cards are often not counted as one of the 5 civilizations and are not a large focus on 5-color decks, certain Zenith creatures are often used a finisher for the deck type.

List of 5-color decks

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Heaven's GateMana burn5-color deckTurboLockLoop
For No CostReanimateInstant DeathOne Shot Kill
TriggerMadnessOther Combo decks
Other Deck Types
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