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山札やまふだ (Yamafuda)
デッキ (Dekki)
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The Deck is one of the six main zones in the Duel Masters trading card game.


It is a Private Zone where players draw cards from at the start of their turn and at the start of the game.

All decks must follow these simple rules:

  • In the English edition, all decks must have at least a minimum of 40 cards with no maximum amount. However, it is often recommended to use the minimum of 40.
    • A deck in the Japanese edition is limited to exactly 40 cards.
  • Your deck can contain up to 4 copies of any card with the same Card Name in your deck, except for cards featured on the Hall of Fame (or cards that allow unlimited copies). A card that uses a different artwork from a different set, such as Spiral Gate, still counts as the same card. A card may also be put into the Premium Hall of Fame, where it cannot be used at all.
    • No cards in the English TCG are restricted or banned, as the game has been discontinued.
  • You may have up to 8 Psychic creatures or Dragheart cards in your hyperspatial zone. You may have up to 4 copies of any particular Psychic Creature / Dragheart in your hyperspatial zone.
  • If card sleeves are used, all cards in a deck must be of the same sleeves. The player may use clear sleeves or opaque-backed sleeves (Often known as a "character sleeve" if it has any characters on the back of it).
  • During the game, unless a card says otherwise, neither player can look at the cards in each other's deck or change their order.


From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 401. Deck
    • 401.1. When a game begins, each player’s deck becomes their deck.
    • 401.2. Each deck must be kept in a single face-down pile. Players can’t look at or change the order of cards in a deck.
      • 401.2a If a deck is searched by some effect, the order of the cards may not be changed until it is instructed to shuffle the deck.
    • 401.3. Any player may count the number of cards remaining in any player’s deck at any time.
    • 401.4. If an effect puts two or more cards in a specific position in a deck at the same time, the owner of those cards may arrange them in any order. That deck's owner doesn’t reveal the order in which the cards go into the deck.
    • 401.5. Some effects tell a player to reveal the top card of their deck. The card is put back face down when the effect ends.
    • 401.6. If an effect causes a player to put a card into a deck “Nth from the top,” and that deck has fewer than N cards in it, the player puts that card on the bottom of that deck.
    • 401.7. If an effect causes a player to put cards into their deck, those cards can no longer be looked at.

From the Duel Masters - General Game Rules: Version 1.28 (April 8, 2022)

  • 401. 山札
    • 401.1. ゲームが始まるとき, 各プレイヤーのデッキは山札となります.
    • 401.2. それぞれの山札は, 一つの, 裏向きの束でなければなりません.プレイヤーは山札のカードを覗いたり, その順序を変化させてはいけません.
      • 401.2a 何らかの効果によって山札からカードを探すとき, その後にシャッフルすると指示されるまではカードの順序を変化させてはいけません:::.
    • 401.3. プレイヤーはいつでも, 相手の山札に残っているカードの枚数を数えることができます.
    • 401.4. 何らかの効果が同時に複数枚のカードを同じ山札の上または下に置く場合, 特に指示が無い限りそれらのカードの所有者がその置く順序を決めることができます.どのような順番で山札に置いたのかは公開しなくてかまいません.
    • 401.5. プレイヤーに, 山札の一番上のカードを見せるように指示する効果が存在します.公開されたカードは効果の処理が終了した段階で裏向きに戻ります.
    • 401.6. 効果によってプレイヤーがカードを山札の「上から N 番目」に置く場合, その山札に N枚のカードがなければ, そのプレイヤーはそのカードをその山札の一番下に置きます.

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