De Szark (deck)
デ・スザーク (De Suzaku)
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De Szark is a monocolored control deck type.


It is a Mono-Darkness Control deck focused on the Magic Tool race and the Gate of Moonless Night keyword.

Gate of Moonless Night: When you put a Magic Tool into the battle zone, you may choose 2 of your Magic Tools from the battle zone and your graveyard and summon this creature from your hand or graveyard onto those 4 cards for no cost.

The deck aims to have copies of these Magic Tools in the battle zone as well as your graveyard in order to summon 卍 De Szark 卍 or Bangetsu 卍 Ga・Ryuzark 卍 / Bangokusatsu. A combination of De Szark and Ga Ryuzark should lock down most offense and options of their own, making reversal potentially difficult.

However, just like most board control decks it has no resistance against reversal, so some situations such as a Ragnarok, the Clock when the player has no shields is lethal. Additionally, Jokers that are seemingly designed to counter it are prevalent in the metagame, namely Diceclops and Pokchinchin, with the former removing all of its finishers in just 2 mana and the other shuffling the player's graveyard fodder back leaving the finishers inaccessible as well as stopping the spawning of Gate of Moonless Night finishers itself.

Core Cards

Recommended cards: Reason:
卍 De Szark 卍 Main finisher.
Bangetsu 卍 Ga・Ryuzark 卍 / Bangokusatsu Another main finisher.

Magic Tool Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Duglass, Darma Shield trigger creature with blocker, reverse Slayer.
Dupoiz, Darma Early removal.
Duscissor, Darma Decrease power.
Dusun, Darma Increase spell cost.
Dumbre, Darma Shield recovery, counters shield feed removals.
Durinri, Darma Graveyard supply.
Grigyan, Darma Blocker, Self Mill.
Grill, Darma Neo creature graveyard supply.
Gripage, Darma Random discard.
Griknife, Darma Saver for finishers.
Vogaiga, Darma Cost Reduction, Self Mill, Card Recovery.
Vomirror, Darma Self Mill, can graveyard summon Magic Tools.
Weissing, Darma Can reanimate Magic Tools.
Jigs★Garbi, Darma Reanimated upon Gate of Moonless Night.
Baredu, Daspel Hand exchange.
Ukidu, Daspel Shield exchange.
Kajigri, Daspel Shield trigger bounce.
Zogjigs, Bandaspel Draw, bounce, spell lock, compatibility with Gate of Moonless Night.

Other Gate of Moonless Night candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
De Szark, Demon Phoenix Weenie removal.
Mukade, Lightless Yaksha Mass discard granter.
卍 De Rupansa 卍 / Pantera Removal or graveyard supply.
Meravolgal, Misfortune Demon Bangou Shield break, possible blocker.

Other Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Ban Night Festival Can be easily cast and bring out a free finisher.
Bagin 16, First Squad Eases Mafi Gang progression.
Georges Bataille Anti-deckout finisher.
Tigernitro, Explosive Devil
Rabiripit, Remembrance Doll
Powerful mass discard.
Hellborof, Supreme Dragon Edge Brings out strong Draghearts.
Ninjariban, Dragon Edge Synergy with Welcome Hell.
Gashagozra, Misfortune Demon 03 Revive 3 Magic Tools.
Megalo Destroyto Reanimation, possible Gate of Moonless Night.
Jabbaranga, Misfortune Demon 07 Jabbaranga Loop strategies.
Spiner, Shock Doctor Shield Trigger defense, Super Shield Trigger revival.
Atari Ponnosuke Counter any creature.
The End of Universe, Infinite Galaxy Grants extra win of evolved on 2 creatures brought out with Gate of Moonless Night.
Pandemonium Reanimate 2 Mafi Gangs for just 1.
Judgment Gate of Revolution Revolution 0 trigger removal.
Hyperspatial Revive Hole Creature recovery, hyperspatial spell.
Skullbent Gades Powerful super shield trigger removal, reanimation.

Hyperspatial Candidates

Recommended cards: Reason:
Volg Thunder Deckout finisher.
Storm Genji Double Cross, the Super Temporal One-shot kill, spams all your psychics.
Intense World! Shachihoko Kaiser Revive weenies.
Black Ganveet, Temporal Soldier Beatdown measures.
Whitey, Dragon Soul Church Freeze.
Reddull, Dragon Soul Castle Speed attacker granter.
Migawari, Nightmare Manji Destruction substitution, deck feed.
Welcome Hell, Supreme Devil King Palace Spams from the graveyard using Draguners.

Template Build

(This deck was last updated November 2018.)

#: Card:
4 Duglass, Darma
3 Dupoiz, Darma
3 Durinri, Darma
4 Duscissor, Darma
4 Grigyan, Darma
1 Griknife, Darma
2 Grill, Darma
4 Rabiripit, Remembrance Doll
4 Vogaiga, Darma
4 Vomirror, Darma
4 卍 De Szark 卍
3 Bangetsu 卍 Ga・Ryuzark 卍 / Bangokusatsu


  • Due to the Mafi Gang needed for the Gate of Moonless Night ability, the deck is notable for heavily consisting exclusively of cards from the Duel Masters and Twinpact Series blocks (except Hyperspatial Revive Hole and Tigernitro, Explosive Devil), making it an ideal candidate for the 2 Block Constructed format as well.

In the anime

  • Ze-ro basically uses this decktype in the Twinpact Arc, aside of a few odd choices. His strategies for using this deck isn't too far from how an actual player would, going for board control and one shot for finish.
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