• According to its flavor text, it does not see a difference between its enemies and allies, just that they should be killed and eaten.
  • The OCG effect text, translated, is "This creature can't attack unless you put one of your other creatures in the battle zone into the graveyard". This effect works differently from its TCG text in that Daidalos cannot destroy itself, effects like Diamond Sword will allow it to attack without destroying one of your creatures, and on-destruction effects that untap a creature, like Elephaust, Phantom Beast Sage and Wheel, Viral Knight, can't untap Daidalos because, at that time, Daidalos has not tapped to attack yet.
  • This creature has the highest power in the DM-06 set, at 11000.
  • This creature has a light and Unnoise variant, Darkness Kabachi, Psycho Mettler and a Zenith variant Suspense, Zenith of "Curse".

Daidalos, General of Fury
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