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Civilization(s) DarknessDarkness.png NatureNature.png
Signature Card(s) Gigandydanos, Big Tree King

Daichourou is the Nature Civilization's leader. He is formerly sided with Abaku Onifuda and has now defected from him.


During the Gacharange Series arc, the Leader of the Nature civilization resembles a massive tree with a long nose, closed eyes and a large, green beard.

During Duel Masters King, the Elder resembles a large anthropomorphic tree wearing a loose yellow shirt with blue floral patterns. He also wears pink shorts and has short stubby wood-like limbs.


Gacharange Series

He was the source of all Multicolored energy and granted Bolts, Joe Kirifuda, Kira and Cap the power of Rainbow. When first found, he was withered due to using all of his power to create Jogirasta the Johnny, although when Joe poured water onto him, he reverted to his usual size.

Duel Masters King

Daichourou defected to the Onifuda Overlord Coalition because he was bored. He also fabricated his Soul points in Abaku's tourney and Joe mistook him as the point thief culprit. He later fought Bolts and defeated him.

In episode 13, he tried to stop Joe from saving Uraraka Momo while wearing a Demon King costume. Kira decided to use Joe to open a ramen store to bait the "Demon King", only for the Demon King to drop off his disguise and reveals himself as the Elder. Daichourou displays him a video of Momo being pushed into a spike pit, enraging Joe and the two duel. Despite the grueling power of his trump cards, Joe used Issun Smallworld to match Gigandydanos, Big Tree King's power and defeated it, before using Momoking to end him as well. In reality, he only joined Onifuda for the sake of saving Momo and nothing else. With the spike pit that Momo was in being revealed to be a pebble-filled mat, the Leader of the Nature Civilization no longer interferes in this conflict, and Momo learnt to duel as well.


He uses a Darkness and Nature civilization deck based on the Fushigi Kingdom races, which uses the Fushigiverse ability word.


Opponent Outcome Deck name
Episode 4 Bolts Victory Mysterious Power of the Fushighi Kingdom
Episodes 13-14 Joe Kirifuda Loss Mysterious Power of the Fushighi Kingdom
Episode 33 Abaku Onifuda Loss Mysterious Power of the Fushighi Kingdom