Dai is an artist for the Duel Masters Trading Card Game.

List of cards illustrated by Dai

Cards illustrated under the name of "Dai".

 ■ Armored Cannon Balbaro
 ■ Bone Spider
 ■ Burst Shot
 ■ Choya, the Unheeding
 ■ Emeral
 ■ Fatal Attacker Horvath
 ■ Fifi, the Awakened Dragon Fairy
 ■ Frantic Chieftain
 ■ Funnoo, Bloody Winds Officer
 ■ Gachack, Mechanical Doll
 ■ Horned Mutant
 ■ Jumbo Attacker, the Steel Ambassador
 ■ Kejila, the Hidden Horror
 ■ Malta, the Oracle
 ■ Metal Cook's Timer
 ■ Miele, Vizier of Lightning
 ■ Otherworldly Warrior Naglu
 ■ Picora's Wrench
 ■ Punishion, Spirit Knight
 ■ Rayla, Truth Enforcer
 ■ Smile Angler
 ■ Speedy Mo
 ■ Tyrant Kuwazari
 ■ Whispering Totem
 ■ Yuliana, Channeler of Suns

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