Dachicco Churis
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Civilization(s) FireFire.png
Voice Actor 新谷 真弓
Mayumi Shintani

Dachicco Churis is a creature spirit who travels with Boltz.


Dachicco Churis is a small mouse fire creature. It has a fiery personality in contrast to his small size. Dachicco Churis was capable of creating portals for Boltz to transverse in different places, even to the creature world.

He is also grateful for people who helps him in times of need. He also gets concerned of Boltz when involved in dangerous duels.


Duel Masters Arc

Dachicco Churis's village before its destruction

Before arriving to the human world, Dachicco Churis's village in the Fire Civilization lands was mysteriously destroyed due to the instability of the creature world. Seeing his friends' final message "DM", Dadicco went to the human world in order to find a Duel Master, thinking that he was the one responsible for the destruction of his home (in truth, Kejisuki was the mastermind and the "DM" serves as a distraction).

Being a tiny creature spirit, he almost got run over by a bike and Boltz's skateboard. Boltz mistook Dachicco Churis for a mouse until he spoke out in annoyance, much to the latter's surprise. Grateful for Boltz noticing him and treating his leg, Dachicco Churis agrees to travel with Boltz. He resides in Boltz's headphones.

Boltz and Dachicco Churis arrives to the fire lands in the creature world for skateboarding. However, this was not left noticed by Kira, who had followed them and transports himself to the creature world.

Dachicco Churis eating a hot dog

After barely surviving Kira's true duel, he and Boltz visits the fire lands of the creature world to find a Master card. Both visits the home of Bad Brand Limited and Loud Noise Noisy, in

As Mabudachicco Churis

which they were concerned about the condition of the creature world.

He, Bad Brand and Boltz were later on attacked by the true culprit, resulting in Bad Brand sustaining heavy damage. While generally distrusting Joe due to the incident with boltz, he later began to regain his trust on Joe due to Joe helping him to restore Bad Brand.

After Joe ended the cycle of hate and destruction within Kira, Dachicco celebrates Joe's victory with Boltz and the Jokers. 

Twinpact Arc

After much search, Dachicco finally found the true culprit behind his home's destruction. Fortunately he and Boltz manages to save Joe from Kejisuki, revealing that the Duel Warrior was the true culprit behing his village's destruction.

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