Final Memorial Pack
~DS, Rev, RevF edition~


DMX-26 pack

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Release Date: February 18, 2017
Previous Set: DMX-25 Final Memorial Pack ~E1, E2, E3 edition~
Block: Revolution Final RevF

Final Memorial Pack ~DS, Rev, RevF edition~ is the 26th DMX pack in the OCG.


Many out of print high rarity cards were reprinted for this set. Thus, strong decks such as Malt "King", MaltNEXT, Mono-Darkness Hellborof and Mono-Light Draguner had become easier to build for newcomers.

Despite the pack being thematically centered around the last 3 sagas of Katta Kirifuda, the focus was almost exclusively on the Dragon Saga cards, deliberately ignoring reprints of important Invasion, Revolution Change and D2 Field cards. Particularly, fan favorite cards such as Redzone, Roaring Invasion and Redzone Z, Passionate Invasion had gotten out of the Duema Golden List, and yet were omitted from being reprinted, much to the disappointment of the fans.



DMX-26 set advertisement

DMX-26 set advertisement

DMX-26 advertisement.


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