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DMX-19 Super Rare 100% Pack
DMX-19 pack.jpg
Translation: DMX-19 Super Rare 100% Pack
Gallery: DMX-19 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: January 24th, 2015
Next Set: DMX-20 Deck Ultimate Perfection!! Due-Max 160 ~Revolution & Invasion~
Previous Set: DMX-18 Triple Shifter! Dragsolution Allstars
Block: Dragon Saga DS.png

Super Rare 100% Pack is the 19th DMX set in the OCG.


  • This set features 59 cards, including;
    • 56 Super Rares
    • 3 Secret Victory Rares

Distribution Details:

  • Each card may have different foil patterns that varies between the same card.
  • A box has at most 9 new Super Rares and 11 old super rare cards. Around every 3 boxes will have 2 Victory Rares, 1 per box.
  • Victory Rares have the same packaging rate as older Super Rares. (4 of each per carton, which has 18 boxes.)
  • There are 8 types of foil for Super Rares and 1 type of foil for Victory Rares in the set. Heroes Cards also have a higher rate.
  • Each pack also has a "O-mikuji" card with 56 different variants. These cards can be used to play Solitaire which includes Joker card as well. These cards also feature Rock-Paper-Scissors and Dice Roll as well. These cards are easily distinguishable since these are Black and White printed cards, both from front and back. Only the "VV吉" (Double Victory Luck) and "VV凶" (Double Victory Bad Luck) variants can be exchanged for a promotional Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard at the 2015 World Hobby Fair. Both have around a 1 out of 56 chance of appearing from a pack. This can no longer be done.
  • While all cards are contained in a carton (12 boxes), not all foil patterns will appear in one type of card in a carton, Making multiple cartons required for collecting all foil patterns on each card.
  • Save for Hydro Formation and Saturday Knightmare Fever, There are no duplicate cards of the same modification in a box.

Just like the DMX-12 Black Box Pack, it was first sold on the Next Gen World Hobby Fair before the official store public release date of January 24, 2015.

This set features only 1 card per pack which is always a Super Rare or higher rarity card. The number of contents are not revealed in the packaging.

There is also a CoroCoro Version which will always contain a Gaial Killer Kaiser, Passion Dragon.


Secret Victory Rare Victory Rare.png

Super Rare Super Rare.png
Zero.png Zero Civilization:

Light.png Light Civilization:

Water.png Water Civilization:

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization:

Fire.png Fire Civilization:

Nature.png Nature Civilization:


Card Modifications

Note that all "Dramatic Cards" are not true Dramatic Cards as they do not have a Dramatic Card Label. However, all Heroes Cards have the Heroes Card Watermark and are affected by Mr. Matsumoto.

Card Name: Modifications:
Codeking Ludwig Alternate Artwork. Effect Color is changed to blue with the kanji 王 (King) on it.
5000GT, Riot New Artwork.
Radio Roses, Zenith of "Wisdom" New Artwork.
Trueking Viola Sonata New Artwork, includes a cameo of Kachua, Keeper of the Icegate.
Valhalla Paladin, Sealing Dragon Elemental Dramatic Card, Heroes Card featuring Lucifer.
Milzam, Miracles Elemental Alternate Artwork.
Idolmaster Leo Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Yaeko. Heroes Card is the only Heroes card in this expansion with Flavor Text.
Premium Madonna, Nobility Dragon Elemental Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Lulu Takigawa.
Joan of Arc, Goddess of Victory New Artwork.
Cyber N World Dramatic Card.
Grateful Dead, Lord of Demons Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Haru giving Shuu a hug.
Kanashimidomino, Destruction Demon Dragon Dramatic Card, Heroes Card featuring Kojiro.
Überdragon Bajula Dramatic Card.
Oninaguri, Last Attack Alternate Artwork.
Master Seven, Passion Dragon Dramatic Card, Heroes Card featuring Katta Kirifuda.
Crossfire, Millionaire Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Etsu.
Dual Shock Dragon New Artwork.
Bolshack Yamato Dragon Artwork is the same as Secret Rare from DM-26 Dragonic Wars.
Bolmeteus Musha Dragon Artwork is the same as Secret Rare from DM-24 Violence Heaven.
Oni Seven "Win", Matchless Amazement Dramatic Card.
Grateful Life, the Earth Breaker Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Anne.
Quattro Fang, Super Gang Leader Alternate Artwork.
Chainrex, Super Chainkind Regular Version, Heroes Card featuring Sasori.
Caligrati, Greed Evil Emperorkind Dramatic Card, Heroes Card featuring Gyou in his monstrous form.
Shiden Galaxy, Super Champ Artwork is the same as Secret Rare from DM-31 Greatest Champion.
Greatest Caesar, the Dark Kaiser Dramatic Card.
Codeking Mozart Dramatic Card. Instead of text, the card features music symbols as an effect.
Codeking Wilhelm New Artwork.



  • This sets advertisement is a reference to the Aesop's Fables tale; The Honest Woodman.
  • This set contains many Quasi-Vanilla creatures from the early booster packs of Duel Masters. These creatures often have massive blocks of flavor text on them in this set, describing their symbolic effect.
  • While is it called "Super Rare 100% Pack", The rate of getting a Super Rare is not 100% as there are 3 Secret Victory Rares.