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DMX-17 Dragon Souls Festival
りゅう祭典さいてん! ドラゴンだましいフェス
DMX-17 pack.jpg
Translation: Dragon Saga
Celebration of Dragon!
Dragon Souls Festival!!
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Release Date: July 19, 2014
Next Set: DMX-18 Triple Shifter! Dragsolution Allstars
Previous Set: DMX-16 The Great Royal Strategies: Fantasista 12
Block: Dragon Saga DS.png

Dragon Souls Festival is the 17th DMX set in the OCG.


  • Each card in the set has a Dragon race or supports them.
  • This set features 42 cards, including;
    • 2 Victory Rares
    • 3 Super Rares
    • 4 Very Rares
    • 8 Rares
    • 9 Uncommons
    • 11 Commons
    • 5 No Rarity

The set contains many creatures based on previously existing creatures, just like DMX-04 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Hunter, DMX-05 Full Foil Pack: Revival Hero - The Alien and DMX-15 Full Foil VS Pack: Virtueless Royal.

  • All cards from 5a/37 to 37/37 are included in 1 box.
  • Around every other box will contain a Victory Rare.

Gaial Mobius, Victory Emperor, Lionel, Lion Zenith Dragon, Kiriko Cubic, First Model Dragon Emperor and Dorballom D, Demon Dragon King are featured on the set's packaging artwork.




  • This set's name may come from "Godfest" events in the smartphone app game Puzzle and Dragons, where a player has a better chance of getting good monsters from the game's rare gacha.
  • The booster pack says that the player "has a 99% chance of getting a Dragon". This is partially true as despite the set is not structured to have 99% of its content being Dragons, It is almost certain that the player will get a Dragon in a pack as over half of the set consists of Dragons, hailing from all rarities.