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DMX-14 Strongest Strategy: Perfect 12
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Translation: Strongest Strategy: Perfect 12
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Release Date: May 25th, 2013
Next Set: DMX-15 Full Foil VS Pack: Virtueless Royal
Previous Set: DMX-13 White Zenith Pack
Block: Episode 3 E3.png

Strongest Strategy: Perfect 12 is the 14th DMX pack in the OCG.


This set focuses on 12 strategies.

Each pack contains 7 cards with each pack being specifically focused on a strategy theme.

Around 1 out of 4 boxes will contain an Outrage Ultimate Pack or an Emerging Divine Birth! - Oraclion pack (Which contains a Victory Rare), and around every other box contains a Secret Pack.

If there is a Secret Pack, there will be no Victory Rares in the box.


Shinobi pack (Secret)

It is the first time a Secret pack appears. Shinobis had not appeared since Episode 1, so a sense of freshness was granted. Baiken, Blue Dragon of the Hidden Blade's reprint was also welcomed due to its madness effect and its synergy with the Shinobi race. However, three of these Shinobis had been added to the Hall of Fame.

Besides Baiken's reprint, Dark Sanji, Darkfang Ninja and Orochi of the Hidden Blade had also been reprinted with the new frame, though Hanzou, Menacing Phantom had been reprinted before in DMX-08. However, if this Pack appears, there will be no Victory Rare packs, making this pretty much a disappointment factor if Victory packs are pursued.

Outrage Ultimate Pack

This pack's aim is to supply the graveyard for Outrages. Scramble Typhoon and Wily Carpenter supply the graveyard in order for 5000GT, Riot to come out quicker. Tant, Sword Bat also becomes stronger as the graveyard increases. Since there was only one copy of Dondon Vacuuming Now in DMD-09, its reprint here is more than welcome. While Miragino, the Face Up doesn'y suit the graveyard strategy, it became the Designer's Combo of this pack along with Balzark, Sword Flash Fortress, as Balzark will enable Miragino to break 4 shields instantly.

Emerging New God! - Oraclion pack

Oracles and Oraclions are the main races of this pack. The amount of cheaper costing colorless creatures is for increasing the options of DMD-10's Zorro Star, Izanai's Tactician. Rasha, Satori's Wanderer is for tapping creatures quicker for Zorro Star, Izanai's Tactician and Acid, Sacred Execution to trigger their effects quicker. Prelude of Horror and Niyare are support for the Zero cards of the deck.

God Power Revival! Zen and Aku pack

This pack resurrects the legendary God race and focuses on Zen and Aku.

Earth Eternity Gate's reprint was welcome, even if it now had black frames. In addition, Inga Lupia helps reduce the cost of Gods too. There can be expected to be new Gods appearing in the future.

Full Dragon MoriMori pack

Since it is called Dragon pack, these cards are suited for Dragon decks and can be added to DMD-07. Bolmeteus Steel Dragon has been reprinted once more with a new artwork. Ogre Kaiser "Destruction" and Mendelssohn are easier to get upon this expansion's release.

Lawless Speed - Outrage Rush pack

This pack is focused on Outrage rush. It is the first time a black framed non-promo Kodamanma, Gil Gil Doll is released. After 5 years, Max, Crimson Blade Lord is finally reprinted. The core of the pack is Christopher, Dark Knight which resembles Cosmo Cebu Lambda, the Super Electromagnetic with a small difference that makes it slightly weaker than Lambda. Carol, Gokigen Shout can be used for a designer combo.

Open the Gates of Heaven! - Blocker pack

As its name suggests, Heaven's Gate blockers is the main focus of this deck.

Perfect Madonna, Channeler of Suns is finally reprinted here with its original art. While it had been reprinted before, its artwork was terrible compared to the said original, so this is greatly welcome. Other than that, parts for a Diamond Ries deck are noticeable. A strong spam and draw combo is featured through Lord Reis, Wisdom Elemental and Webius, the Patroller.

Romanov Family Secret - Hand Destruction pack

This pack contains two Romanov creatures and discard cards. Master Weapon - All Yes which has dominated the Episode 1 and Episode 2 meta has been reprinted here. The Romanovs are used by Zakira, and All Yes is based on Yesman which has some meaning in them. Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet became easier to obtain, while Primal Scream and Beginning Romanov, Lord of the Demonic Eye will have synergy with the Outrage graving strategies.

Pikon! Hirameki Program Draw pack

The pack's designer combo is Aqua Librarian and Hirameki Program into Cyber A Irons. While Cyber A Irons was reprinted in DMX-12, it was a low packaging rate Heroes card, so a new reprint is welcome. While these three cards are a strong combo, the rest of the pack does not have much synergy, but the reprints of Crystal Memory and Hustle Castle were also welcome.

Messengers of Darkness - Grand Devil pack

While Babelginus, Demonic Dragon appeared before in DMX-11 for a Zombie Dragon pack, now it is reprinted again in a pack focused on Grand Devil and Deep Marine.

While this race is not as strong these days, decks centered around it can still provide interesting strategies. It is the first time Algo Bardiol, Devil Admiral has been reprinted.

I can be anything - Amaterasu pack

Amaterasu, Founder of the Blue Wolves is the center of this pack. All cards here can be played from the deck by Amaterasu. In particular, the reprinting of The Grave of Angels and Demons as well as the replacement of Cyber Brain - Fortune Slot were well received. A designer combo is featured through the reprints of Mystic Treasure Chest and Sanctuary of the Mother to spam evolution creatures. Mystic Dreamscape has been reprinted for the first time. Since Amaterasu has now been banned, this pack has become useless as a concept.

One shot reversal - Trigger pack

This pack focuses on shield triggers.

Instead of classic shield triggers like Aqua Surfer and Terror Pit, the pack reprints the Dragon shield trigger Necrodragon Odol Needle, as well as other useful ones like Counterattacking Silent Spark and Death Gate, Gate of Hell.

Duel friends forever! Faerie pack

As the title suggests, this pack focuses on Snow Faeries.

After a long time, the meta card Faerie Gift was once more reprinted. Mana boosts catering to different strategies such as Faerie Miracle for 5-color decks, Faerie Crystal for Zero decks and Child Festival of Faerie Fire for Fire decks were also reprinted, along with the main creature of the deck - Jasmine, Mist Faerie.

The basic mana accel card, Faerie Life, has been reprinted once more. The flavor texts of the cards in this pack give them a more playful sense.


  • The first letter of the flavor text of the cards of the Duel Friends Forever! Faerie pack spell out; "ずつと (ずっど) でゆえ友" which roughly translates to "Duel Friends Forever".