DMX-08 Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition
激熱げきあつ! ガチンコBESTベスト

DMX-08 pack

Translation: Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition
Gallery: DMX-08 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: May 19th, 2012
Next Set: DMX-09 Deck Builder Ogre Deluxe: Gamba! Katta Saga
Previous Set: DMX-07 Battle Royale! Heroes Victory Booster: Roar of the Wild Battle
Block: Episode 2 E2

Burn up to the Max! BEST Competition is the 8th DMX pack in the OCG.


  • It is a reprint set containing cards voted upon by visitors of the Duel Masters Takara tomy website. The set was pre-released at the Hobby Festa in SUZUKA on May 6 by CoroCoro Magazine.
  • It contains 41 cards, with 10 cards being exclusive to this set.
  • This pack is also the first to mention and feature support for the Keyword of Gachinko Judge.
  • Around every 3 to 6 out of 12 boxes will have no Super Rares at all.


Super Rare:

Very Rare:





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