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DMSP-02 The King of Legend
Translation: The King of Legend
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Release Date: March 20, 2021
Next Set: DMSP-03 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Star Evolution 20th Anniversary Perfect Set
Previous Set: DMSP-01 Fancy! Grandy!! JoeDeckie BOX!!
Block: The Rise of Kings TROK.png
Set Icon: TROK.png

The King of Legend is the 2nd DMSP pack in the OCG.


With the exception of Momoking, Future King Dragon each card in this pack features GSジーエス in their name, and the Guard Strike keyword.

Hero Side:

Rival Side:


This set introduces the following keywords;

Guard Strike (When you add this creature from your shield zone to your hand, you may reveal it to your opponent and choose one of your opponent's creatures. That creature can't attack this turn.)



  • The DMSP-02 Booklet includes Forbidden Characters related to future products. Each of these can be seen on the Forbidden Characters page or their respective trivia pages.