DMSP-01 Fancy! Grandy!! JoeDeckie BOX!!
ステキ! カンペキ!! ジョーデッキBOX


Translation: DMSP-01 Fancy! Grandy!! JoeDeckie BOX!!?
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Release Date: July 8th, 2017
Block: Duel Masters DM
Set Icon: DM

Fancy! Grandy!! JoeDeckie BOX!! is the 1st DMSP pack in the OCG.


Each box contains a fixed 126 cards, containing 48 types of cards.

It also features a comic, a booklet about how the civilization strategies work, a poster about the civilization techniques as well as a storage box.

Each of the reprinted cards have the New Frame, and the First Squad Cost Reduction cycle as well as some spells having a Full Frame and new illustration.

Comic Story

Due-Man doesn't know how to build a deck and often loses to kids, so Deckie appears and teaches him the civilization techniques. He teaches the techniques and introduces all 6 of the high rarity cards by Jokers > Light > Fire > Darkness > Nature > Water order. Then Due-Man decides to add all 6 of them into his deck and the 6 trump cards squash Due-Man below them because he added too many cards, angering Deckie because of Due-Man's foolishness.


(Cards with a ◎ icon have a Full Frame Art)


DMSP-01 set advertisement

DMSP-01 set advertisement

DMSP-01 advertisement.


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