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DMSD-19 King Master Start Deck: Hyde's Dispector N-EXT
Translation: King Master Start Deck
Hyde's Dispector N-EXT
Gallery: DMSD-19 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: September 11, 2021
Civilization(s): Water / Fire / Nature
Main Race(s): Dispector / Distas
Next Set: DMSD-20 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Star Max Evolution
Previous Set: DMSD-18 King Master Start Deck: Jendle's Dispector
Block: The Rise of Kings TROK.png

Hyde's Dispector NEXT is the 19th DMSD set in the OCG.


This deck is based on the Dispector and Distas race in the Water, Fire and Nature civilizations.

In rare cases, Curperor Kiritem, Electrofused Curse Emperor can appear as a 20th SP Gold Rare card with the "S Rare" rarity.


(Cards marked with a ☆ are exclusive to this deck.)

Contents sorted by Civilizations

Water.png Water Civilization: 8

Fire.png Fire Civilization: 5

Nature.png Nature Civilization: 14

Water.pngFire.png Water Fire: 2

Water.pngFire.pngNature.png Water Fire Nature: 5

Water.pngNature.png Water Nature: 4

Fire.pngNature.png Fire Nature: 2