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DMSD-15 King Master Start Deck: Onifuda's Onitime


Translation: King Master Start Deck
Onifuda's Onitime
Gallery: DMSD-15 Card Set Gallery
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Release Date: March 14, 2020
Civilization(s): DarknessDarkness.png / FireFire.png
Main Race(s): Onifuda Kingdom, Demonio
Next Set: DMSD-16 King Master Start Deck: Zero Jr.'s Mugen Climb
Previous Set: DMSD-14 King Master Start Deck: Joe's Kirifudash
Block: Ten Kings TK.png

King Master Start Deck: Onifuda's Onitime is the 15th DMSD set in the OCG.


This deck is based on the Onifuda Kingdom race, used by Abaku Onifuda.

It is the first DMSD set to be full foil and has a King Master Card included.


This set introduces the following ability words.

Onitime.png Onitime: If you and your opponent have a total of 6 or less shields, "EFFECT"


(Cards marked with a ☆ are exclusive to this deck.)

Contents sorted by Civilizations

Darkness.png Darkness Civilization: 17

Fire.png Fire Civilization: 12

Darkness.pngFire.png Darkness and Fire: 11