DMS-04 Generation Gear Starter Deck
転生編ジェネレート・ギア スターターセット


Translation: Generation Gear Starter Deck
Release Date: June 25th 2005
Civilization(s): Water / Fire / Nature
Next Set: DMS-05 Best Challenger Starter Deck
Previous Set: DMS-03 Eternal Arms Starter Deck
Block: Reincarnation Saga

Generation Gear Starter Deck is the 4th DMS Deck in the OCG.


  • Two 20-card training decks that can be combined into one tournament deck.
  • 1 Duel Masters playmat with quick-start guide.
  • 1 Official Rulebook
  • 1 Duel Masters comic.
  • 1 Holographic Promotional Card: Magmadragon Crimson Thunder

Deck 1

Fire Fire Civilization: 11

Nature Nature Civilization: 9

Deck 2

Water Water Civilization: 11

Nature Nature Civilization: 9

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