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DMRP-12 pack

Translation: Super Super Super Heaven! Awakened Jogiragon versus Zeron Birth!
Gallery: DMRP-12 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: December 20, 2019
Previous Set: DMRP-11 Zero Birth! Maji's Jornado 1059!!
Block: Gacharange Series GR
Set Icon: GR

DMRP-12 is the 12th DMRP booster pack in the OCG.


  • It is the final set of the Gacharange Series and is the first set to include a multicolored card in a DMRP-series booster pack.

Card Types

Set Breakdown

  • This set includes 119 cards, including:
    • 8 Ultra Golden Cards
    • 5 Master Zeron Cards
    • 2 Master Cards
    • 12 Super Rares
    • 12 Very Rares
    • 20 Rares
    • 30 Uncommons
    • 39 Commons


This set introduces the following races;


This set introduces the following keywords;

Super Super Super Heaven Fever:If you have a total of 20 or more "RACE" in the battle zone or mana zone, "EFFECT".
Master Jokers Gacharange:Before this creature breaks one or more shields, gacharange summon twice. Then you may draw 2 cards.
Giga Orega Aura: Attach this to one of your gacharange creatures, or gacharange summon twice and attach this to one of them. If that creature leaves the battle zone, this goes to the same zone, then the gacharange creature returns to the bottom of the super gacharange.


Ultra Golden Card

Master Zetto Card

Master Card Master Card

Super Rare Super Rare

Very Rare Very Rare

Rare Rare

Uncommon Uncommon

Common Common


Cycle 1
(A cycle of ______.)


DMRP-12 set advertisement

DMRP-12 set advertisement

DMRP-12 advertisement.

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