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DMRP-07 Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!!
†ギラギラ† 煌世主ギラメシア終葬ついそうQXキュラックス!!

DMRP-07 pack.jpg

Translation: Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!!
Gallery: DMRP-07 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: September 22, 2018
Next Set: DMRP-08 The Showdown! Baraghiara!! Invincible OraOra Ringfinity ∞
Previous Set: DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!!
Block: Twinpact Series Twin.png

Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!! is the 7th DMRP booster pack in the OCG.


  • This set includes 111 cards, including:
    • 5 Ultra Golden Cards
    • 1 Master DS Rare (with 3 alternate Secret Rare artworks)
    • 1 Master Card (with 3 alternate Secret Rare artworks)
    • 10 Super Rares (3 kinds with 1 alternate Secret Rare artwork)
    • 10 Very Rares
    • 18 Rares
    • 28 Uncommons
    • 38 Commons
  • Magic Tools, previously found in Darkness are now on monocolored Water Civilization cards.

New Race:
(This race only appears as a subtype on spells.)

Reintroduced Races:


This set introduces the following keywords;

Five Sense Down: Whenever this creature would break a shield, your opponent puts that shield as the 4th card from the top of their deck horizontal instead.
Jokers Change # (When this creature attacks, you may switch this creature with a Jokers creature that costs # or less from your mana zone.)
Last Burst (When this creature is destroyed, you may cast its spell side for no cost.)


Ultra Golden Card

Master Dragon Card Master Card.jpg

Master Card Master Card.jpg

Super Rare Super Rare.png

Very Rare Very Rare.png

Rare Rare.png

Uncommon Uncommon.png

Common Common.png


DMRP Race - Vanilla creatures
(A cycle of Vanilla creatures with a race introduced in the DMRP series of booster packs.)