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DMRP-06 Strike Back Galaxy

逆襲ぎゃくしゅうのギャラクシー ばんごくさつ

DMRP-06 pack.jpg

Translation: Strike Back Galaxy ・Inferno・Annihilation
Gallery: DMRP-06 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: June 23, 2018
Next Set: DMRP-07 Ghira Ghira Ghiramessiah and Finaling QX!!
Previous Set: DMRP-05 Gokai!! Joragon Go Fight!!
Block: Twinpact Series Twin.png

Strike Back Galaxy 卍・Inferno・Annihilation!! is the 6th DMRP booster pack in the OCG.


  • This set includes 110 cards, including:
    • 5 Ultra Golden Cards
    • 1 Master DS Rare (with 3 alternate Secret Rare artworks)
    • 1 Master Card (with 3 alternate Secret Rare artworks)
    • 10 Super Rares (3 kinds with 1 alternate Secret Rare artwork)
    • 10 Very Rares
    • 18 Rares
    • 28 Uncommons
    • 37 Commons


This set introduces the following keywords;

Gate of Moonless Night Zetsu: At the end of each turn, you may choose a total of 6 Magic Tools from your graveyard or battle zone and summon this creature from your hand or graveyard on top of them.
Master Gogogo Gangan Galaxy: If this is the only card in your hand, you may summon this creature for no cost.
Gogogo Gangan Galaxy: If you have 1 or less card in your hand, EFFECT.
Sabaki Z (When a Judgment Emblem is added to your hand from your shields, you may discard that card. If you do, you can summon this creature for no cost.)

Reprinted Cards





Ultra Golden Card

Master Dolszak Card Master Card.jpg

Master Card Master Card.jpg

Super Rare Super Rare.png

Very Rare Very Rare.png

Rare Rare.png

Uncommon Uncommon.png

Common Common.png


Twinpact Reprint Spells
(A cycle of Twinpact creatures that support a spell of a specific name category, which their spell side belongs to. Each of the spells are reprints.)

Super Shield Trigger Spells
(A cycle of spells that have "Super Shield Trigger" and are each part of a spell name category.)

Neo Evolution
(A cycle of Neo Creatures that have Neo Evolution.)