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DMR-23 Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X
DMR-23 pack.jpg
Translation: Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X
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Release Date: December 16, 2016
Next Set: DMRP-01 Here Come the Jokers!!
Previous Set: DMR-22 The World of Zero!! Blackout!!
Block: Revolution Final RevF.png

Dogiragolden VS Dormageddon X is the 23rd DMR booster pack in the OCG.


This set is the conclusion of Katta's saga. Final Dogiragolden, Katta in Victory Mode and a completely taken over Basara with blue skin can be seen in the box cover.

Evolution Creatures make a return in this DMR set after being excluded in the previous 2 DMR sets. Enemy civilization cards also make a return after a 2-year hiatus in DMR sets.

It also introduces the first card with a sticker slapped on it when it is packaged, Final Dogiragolden which is sticked with a Dogiragon Buster, Blue Leader sticker upon being packaged. Therefore, the surface of the card is made of a different material.

This set also introduces a Final Forbidden Creature that is made out of 5 cards, FORBIDDEN STAR ~World's Last Day~/Dormageddon X, Forbidden Armageddon. All 5 cards are packaged in 1 pack, replacing all commons and uncommons in that pack.

And at last, this set also introduces the first card that is printed in a different font and a different art style than any other card in a DMR set, Jolly the Johnny Joe.

Set Breakdown:

  • This set consists of 86 cards, including:
    • 1 Final Forbidden Legend Cards
    • 2 Legend Cards
    • 9 Super Rares
    • 10 Very Rares
    • 18 Rares
    • 18 Uncommons
    • 28 Commons


This set introduces the following ability words.

Final Final Revolution—When you put this creature into the battle zone, if "Final Revolution" was not used during the game, EFFECT

This set introduces the following keywords.

Forbidden Big Bang—When this seal is removed, if there are no more seals on this Final Forbidden Field, flip all 5 cards and combine them as one creature.


This set introduces the following races;

Card Types


Final Forbidden Legend Card X legend

Legend Card Legend Card.png

Super Rare Super Rare.png

Very Rare Very Rare.png

Rare Rare.png

Uncommon Uncommon.png

Common Common.png


Revolution Change - Dragons
(Each of these creatures has a Revolution Change ability that can be used when a Dragon [except Borof] of their respective civilization that costs 5 or more attacks.)

(Each of these creatures has a Revolution Change ability that can be used when a Dragon of their respective civilization [of any cost] attacks.)

Rainbow spells
(Each of these multicolored spells have an additional Mana Arms 2 ability for multicolored cards.)

Battle Zone Leavers
(Each of these creatures have an ability that triggers when they leave the battle zone.)

Team Spells
(Each of these spells all have Go in their name and are Shield Trigger spells from different revolutionary teams.)

Team Supporters
(Each of these creatures have an ability when you summon a creature that has both civilizations corresponding to the Team races.)

Revolution Change - Team Civs
(Each of these creatures with a Team race have a Revolution Change ability for their respective civilizations.)

Cost 5 D2 Field Supporters
(Each of these creatures can put a D2 Field that costs 5 or less into the battle from different zones.)

Masters Initials
(Each of these creatures have effects reliant to D2 fields and are leaders of an Initials faction)

Shield Trigger D2 Fields
(Each of these D2 Fields have a ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger ability.)