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DMR-16 Super Battle Guynext × Shin
DMR-16真 pack.jpg
Translation: Super Battle Guynext × Shin
Gallery: DMR-16真 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: March 21st, 2015
Next Set: DMR-17 Burning Dogiragon!!
Previous Set: DMR-16極 Super Battle Guynext x Goku
Block: Dragon Saga DS.png

Super Battle Guynext × Shin is the 16th DMR booster pack in the OCG.

It has a "Darkness" counterpart, DMR-16極 Super Battle Guynext x Goku.


  • This set features 58 cards, including;
    • 1 Double Victory Rare
    • 2 Secret Double Victory Rares
    • 1 Victory Rare
    • 1 Secret Victory Rare
    • 2 Super Rares
    • 4 Very Rares
    • 14 Rares
    • 14 Uncommons
    • 22 Commons
    • 2 Secret Rares
  • There are 22 cards that have a Rare card rarity or below that are printed in both DMR-16 sets. However, many of them have different illustrations.
  • Double Victory cards and Victory Rares have the same packaging rate, 9 per carton. (12 boxes=1 carton)
  • There is also a 9 trillion Due-Yen token which appears extremely rarely. (More than 1 out of every 20 boxes?)
  • There is a higher concentration of Light cards in this expansion and the Katta printed on the package of this expansion is pure-looking, indicating a "Light" version.
  • GuyNEXT, Super Battle Victory Dragon is featured on this set's packaging artwork.


This set introduces the following keywords;

True Escape: When this creature would leave the battle zone, you may add 2 of your shields to your hand instead. (You can't use the "shield trigger" abilities of those shields.)

Alternate Artwork cards

This set continues the Dramatic Card alternate art series, contributing the following cards:

Reprinted Cards


Nature Nature.png


Secret Rare

Double Victory Victory Rare.pngVictory Rare.png

Victory Rare Victory Rare.png

Super Rare Super Rare.png

Very Rare Very Rare.png

Rare Rare.png

Uncommon Uncommon.png

Common Common.png


(Each of these Draguner creatures can bring out a Dragheart fortress that's costs up to 3, or a Dragheart that costs 5 from their respective civilization.)

More Shields
(Each of these spells have an additional ability to draw a card if you have more shields than your opponent when you cast them.)

(Each of these creatures have the Escape ability. All aside of Hibiki 18y have "Barrier" in their name.)

Shield Trigger - Mana Arms Creatures
(Each of these creatures have a "Mana Arms: 5" ability that gives them the ​Shield Trigger Shield Trigger keyword when there is 5 cards of their respective civilization in the mana zone. They also each cost 7 mana, have 6000 power, and a Command Dragon race.)


The following cycles are shared between this set and DMR-16真 Super Battle Guynext x Shin.

Cost 5 Dragheart Fortresses
(Each of these dragheart fortresses cost 5 and are Very Rare or above.)

All Over the World
(Each of these dragheart fortresses have a mana cost of 3 and combine into a 5-part dragheart creature.)

"Guerrilla Division"
(Each of these creatures can have more than 4 copies of themselves in a deck, as well as gaining extra power and the Double Breaker ability when you have 5 or more in the battle zone.)