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DMR-04 Rising Hope
DMR-4 pack.jpg
Translation: Rising Hope
Gallery: DMR-04 Card Set Gallery
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Release Date: March 24th, 2012
Next Set: DMR-05 Golden Age
Previous Set: DMR-03 Gaial Victory
Block: Episode 1 E1.png

Rising Hope is the 4th DMR booster pack in the OCG.



  • A new race of Gao Monster is introduced.
    • Many creatures featuring both the Alien and Hunter races appeared, due to their alliance against the Unknowns.


This set introduces the following variant of the Psychic Link keyword;

Victory Psychic Link—If you have NAME and NAME in the battle zone, link this creature and those creatures and flip them.

Alternate Artwork cards

This set continues the Mode Change Card alternate art series, contributing the following cards:


Victory Rare Victory Rare.png

Super Rare Super Rare.png

Very Rare Very Rare.png

Rare Rare.png

Uncommon Uncommon.png

Common Common.png


5-Civilization Psychic Super Creatures
(A mirrored pair of 5 civilization Psychic Super Creature cards used in the final duel of the Duel Masters Victory season of the Duel Masters anime.)

Defender of Hopes
(A cycle of 3-civilization creatures with 2 of the races being Alien and Hunter. All of them are of enemy civilization combinations.)

Multicolored Space Charge
(A cycle of multicolored creatures with at least 2 civilizations that have a ​Space Charge "Space Charge — Multicolored" ability.)

Explosive Burst spells
(A cycle of allied-civilization multicolored spells that feature "Explosive Burst" in their name and can use both of their effects when you have a multicolored creature in the battle zone.)