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DMEX-03 Peri!!!
Specialness Overloaded Mystery Pack

ペリッ!! スペシャルだらけのミステリーパック
DMEX-03 pack.jpg
Translation: Peri!!! Specialness Overloaded Mystery Pack
Gallery: DMEX-03 Card Set Gallery
Rulings: Set FAQ
Release Date: October 20, 2018
Next Set: DMEX-04 Dreams Come True!! Twinpact Uber No.1 Pack!!
Previous Set: DMEX-02 Duema Quest Pack ~The Top 12 Legendary Strategies~
Block: Twinpact Series Twin.png

Peri!!! Specialness Overloaded Mystery Pack is the 3rd DMEX pack in the OCG.


  • This set contains 84 cards.
  • Each box contains 12 packs.
    • Each pack containing 4 cards.
  • Each card has foil treatment.
  • This set also has a high concentration of creatures with the Specials race made from fan submitted art. Along with some reprints, they will have the fan art used as the seal.
  • This set reintroduces many old Keywords.


  • This pack reintroduces a Castle card type, the first also with a race.
  • This pack introduces a new race: Spriggan.

Seal Details
(See Seals for more details.)

  • One of these 4 cards will have an adhesive sticker "seal" on them. Peeling it off will reveal the playable card. With this "seal", it is possible to predict which card you may have gotten.
  • Each of the seals have a specific set of cards that would appear underneath it.
  • Each of the seals have 'Not For Official Tournaments' on them, preventing them from use in events.


This set introduces the following keywords;

Wana Wana Panic: When creatures attack, if it's the first attack this turn, you may cast a spell that has NAME in its name from your hand for no cost.


(New cards are marked with ★. Reprinted cards with a new illustration are marked with ◆.)

Ultra Golden Card

Legend Card Legend Card.png

Master Card Master Card.jpg

Super Rare Super Rare.png



There are 17 kinds of seals. The card underneath is determined to some extent by the seal, while others are completely fixed. The Master cards and Super Rares always have sticker seals.

Image: Seal: Card(s):
Snail Seal.jpg Snail Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation
Rainbow Pon Seal.jpg Rainbow Pon Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation (Secret Version)
Pon Seal.jpg Pon Dangerdeon, Super Mechanical Trap / Hell Utopia's Trap Revelation (Secret Version)
Atari Ponnosuke
Night's Ponnosuke
Hazure Ponnosuke
Jhot Gun Joragon Seal.jpg Jhot Gun Joragon Norinorin
Jojojo Jokers
Savark Seal.jpg Savark Calibur, Ghiramessiah Liliang, Mysterious Light
Faywon, Green Knowledge Silver
Life Wing's Judgment
Bangetsu Seal.jpg Bangetsu 卍 Ga・Ryuzark 卍 / Bangokusatsu Bloody Cross
Gogogo Brand Seal.jpg Gogogo Brand Schumacher, New World
Hell's Hot Spring
Gokuga Roiza Seal.jpg Gokuga Roiza, Dragon Armored Ship VV-8, Forbidden Machine
Steam Octopunk
Siren Concerto
Kingdom Ohkabuto / Gouhaten Tsukumogatari Heavy, Heavyweight
Parasking, Revolution Invasionkind
Dimension Gate
The Door of Miracle and Mystery Seal.jpg The Door of Miracle and Mystery Mishra, Triple Star Iron Man
Myscu, Mirage
Bolmeteus Black Dragon
Lucky Darts Seal.jpg Lucky Darts Invincible Cataclysm
Team Tech's Wave Go!
Last Violence
Reverse Seal.jpg Card Back Master of Duel
Matsumoto Daidaidai Sensei
Zakira, Ultimate Lifeform

Each of these cards are fixed to be the exact card on the seal. These are shown as a sketched drawing of the appropriate Jokers.

Image: Seal: Card(s):
Yattareman Seal.jpg Yattareman Yattareman
Pali Nights Seal.jpg Pali Nights Pali Nights
Bainaradoor Seal.jpg Bainaradoor Bainaradoor
Chocolate House Seal.jpg Chocolate House Chocolate House
Okke Brothers Seal.jpg Okke Brothers Okke Brothers