This is a set gallery for the 2nd DMEX set in the OCG, DMEX-02 Duema Quest Pack ~The Top 12 Legendary Strategies~.

Quest Cards

A Side

B Side


Dmex2-39 Dmex2-ad1b Dmex2-ad2b Dmex2-13
Dmex2-ad3b Dmex2-31 Dmex2-66 Dmex2-ad4b
Dmex2-47 Dmex2-ad5b Dmex2-ad6b Dmex2-28
Dmex2-ad7b Dmex2-81 Dmex2-76 Dmex2-ad8b
Dmex2-18 Dmex2-ad9b Dmex2-ad10b Dmex2-6
Dmex2-ad11b Dmex2-53 Dmex2-61 Dmex2-ad12b

Quest Cards Gallery

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