DMD-31 Field Start Deck: Basara's Forbidden
フィールドスタートデッキ バサラの禁断


Translation: Field Start Deck: Basara's Forbidden
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Release Date: May 21, 2016
Civilization(s): Darkness, Fire
Main Race(s): Sonic Command, Master Initials
Next Set: DMD-32 Masters Chronicle Deck 2016: The Genesis by the Lord of Spirits
Previous Set: DMD-30 Revolution Start Deck: Lucifer's Time Stop
Block: Revolution Final RevF

Field Start Deck: Basara's Forbidden is the 31st DMD set in the OCG.


The pack cover features Basara (who has been further deformed and possessed by his forbidden card) and Forbidden Voltron, D2-V.

The package design is based on a cup noodle container.

The deck is focused on a discard and destruction beatdown strategy, but most of its creatures have low power and it lacks card draw. To make up for it, the core of the deck Forbidden Area Hellfire enables a swift assault. The main trump card of the deck, Forbidden Voltron, D2-V is slow compared to previous Sonic Commands and its removal effect, although strong, is conditioned, making it seem as subpar compared to previous meta cards such as GENJI Double Cross, Blastdragon and Redzone, Roaring Invasion.

New Cards:


Contents sorted by Civilizations

Darkness Darkness Civilization: 15

Fire Fire Civilization: 9

DarknessFire Darkness and Fire: 16


Remove: Insert:
2x Explosive Swordplay, Sweltering Heat Tricks
4x Western Barrel, Shadow of Riots
2x Scale of Bravery and Love
4x Black Shadow, Darkfang Ninja


DMD-31 set advertisement

DMD-31 set advertisement

DMD-31 advertisement.

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